Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute

Discover the healing miracle within yourself

Ron Wish, M.D.

The descent was so gentle I am not really sure when or how we reached the place of transformation together. I feel deeply seen, exuberant, and soft, a new way of being.
~ C.S. GRCTI Graduate
The work is profoundly complex and yet so incredibly simple. You are generous with your wisdom and your humanity. Thank you again. This is an exhilarating journey.
~ C.S. GRCTI Graduate
Deeply effective in so many ways - pain relief, peace of mind. A life changing experience.
~ E.J. U.S. Army Corporal critically wounded in RPG attack in Khalidiyah, Iraq, April '04
A physician should be the servant of nature, not her enemy; he should be able to guide and direct her in her struggle for life, and not throw, by his unreasonable influence, fresh obstacles in the way of recovery.
~ Paracelsus C.1530 A.D.

Give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime

Our program in Craniosacral Therapy gives you the most personalized and in-depth training available. Under the direct supervision of GRCI founder, Dr. Ron Wish, you will study the hands-on-healing form that has improved the lives of millions of people worldwide. In addition to developing your skills as a Craniosacral Therapy practitioner, at GRCI we provide you with plenty of time for personal healing.

Craniosacral Training Programs

Each weekend you will exchange multiple Craniosacral Therapy sessions with your classmates. This allows everyone in the group to gain a deeper understanding of the rich inner wisdom concealed in our bodies. We hope this workshop will stimulate your further interest in this exceptional hands-on healing modality. The only prerequisites for our introductory workshops are reading Your Inner Physician and You by John Upledger and an initial healing session with Dr. Wish (cost $300).”

The purpose of the initial healing session is both for me to get to know each student in a meaningful way and for each student to get a sense of me. This is not only a technical training, but also an intimate sacred healing journey, and we each need to decide whether or not to continue this intense journey together. Also, it is my responsibility to make sure that my students are safe as they touch one another physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I try to screen out anyone whose participation might be a detriment to themselves or others. This is a very alive training in which many students open to wondrous inner states they have never before accessed. Likewise students are exposed to levels of human suffering that they may have never before worked with. Getting to know each of you through our one on one session allows me to more fluidly guide and instruct the group in this miraculous healing art, as we develop your unique healing gifts and gently transform your wounds.

As taught by Dr. Wish, Craniosacral Therapy helps you:

  1. Listen with your hands, mind, and heart to peoples’ stories;
  2. Facilitate clients’ healing journeys by following their unconscious signals;
  3. Connect with the wavelike motion of the cerebrospinal fluid, emanating from the core of the body;
  4. Heal trauma in a safe, relaxing way by releasing structural and energetic blocks.

At the Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute we integrate personal healing, a love of nature, and respect for the sacred, with humor and a passion for exploring the great unknown. Our training is a journey of self discovery, filled with profound opportunities for healing and connection– with yourself and your exceptional fellow students.

Pearsonal Healing and Growth

As a participant in this life altering training program, you will experience deep personal healing and growth during our practice sessions. Your understanding of what we are as human beings will expand into a new paradigm — beyond the concrete, biomechanical model taught by conventional medicine. You will learn to better listen with your hands, mind and heart to patients’ stories, and to help release and resolve many forms of pain: physical, emotional and spiritual. Through this amazing process you will come to better understand the sacred web of spiritual connections in and around us.

Ideal for Practitioners

Our experientibl programs are ideal for health care practitioners and healers involved in direct patient care in NY, NJ, CT, and throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. Our students include nurses, massage therapists, physicians, psychologists, acupuncturists, occupational and physical therapists, rolfers, speech pathologists, social workers, reiki practitioners, and energy healers. This training program welcomes healers of all walks of life, irrespective of race, gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or disabilities.

Ron also offers further healing training for anyone completing the advanced training program.

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