Healing Sessions

Craniosacral Therapy

In 1985, with the most grueling period of my family medicine residency behind me, I took my first Craniosacral Therapy (CST) workshop. I loved it. Finally, I’d found a safe, effective, natural way to help people release trauma and truly heal. CST was a holistic form of hands-on healing that worked in harmony with our innate desire to feel joyful and healthy. It was a dream come true.

Somatoemotional Release

Even more exciting to me, was that in its more advanced form, Somatoemotional Release, CST integrated bodywork with the healing power of the unconscious mind– incorporating guided imagery and emotional healing. I immediately began using CST to help my inner city, family medicine patients. Within a year, it was the core of my healing practice. It’s been that way ever since.

Holistic Healing

Patients come to me in Nyack, NY from the entire metro New York City area, including nearby New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, seeking help for a huge variety of problems– physical, emotional, and spiritual. Their issues range from chronic pain to acute sports injuries; from autism and depression to traumatic brain injuries; from vertigo and sinusitis to visual problems; from Crohn’s Disease and irritable bowel syndrome to side affects from cancer chemotherapy; and from addictions and the sequelae of childhood abuse to health problems that defy conventional diagnostic categories.

Many of my patients have been told by conventional practitioners that modern medicine has nothing more to offer them. Some no longer wish to subject themselves to the potentially dangerous side effects of unnecessary drugs and surgery. Others want to complement the conventional or holistic treatments they already receive.

Each of my patients is cared for as a unique human being, and every healing session is individually tailored– for newborns, senior citizens, and everyone in-between. Whether you want help “fixing” a simple problem or delving deeply into a healing journey, I am happy to assist you.