Training Programs

Give Yourself the Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Our program in Craniosacral Therapy gives you the most personalized and in-depth training available. Under the direct supervision of GRCI founder, Dr. Ron Wish, you will study the hands-on-healing form that has improved the lives of millions of people worldwide. In addition to developing your skills as a Craniosacral Therapy practitioner, at GRCI we provide you with plenty of time for personal healing.

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Dr. Ron Wish is a warm, caring teacher, thoroughly trained in both modern medical science and complementary spiritual healing. During the training you will be encouraged to develop your natural healing abilities in a safe, accepting, spiritually-open environment.

Healing Sessions

“Fifteen years of chronic hip pain healed with only a couple months of Craniosacral Therapy.
Thank you Dr. Wish.”
– J.G. Retired US Army Major, Baltimore, M.D.